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Can't wait for the Finale. It has been very encouraging.. Thanks❤️

loveYourmixtape Answer:

I’m so backed up on writing! But I’m working on it slowly but surely.

Thank you for reading :) glad our story is encouraging.

God is faithful!

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Michael Brown and Ferguson

I will write about this. As soon as I’m clear on what I’d like to say.

I know everyone and their mom is talking about it on so many levels from various angles.

But, I will write. I will exercise the freedom I’ve been given while I have it. The freedom so many activists and black revolutionaries before me fought and gave their lives (of course through Gods grace) to afford me.

To be continued

Sneakpeak of the Daddy&Me photo shoot I did with my honeys! 

Sneakpeak of the Daddy&Me photo shoot I did with my honeys! 


I really want to make sure I say what I want to say to the person I want to hear it.

What’s the message when we get to the end of the story?

Those two things are very important to me.

The story matters. It matters separately and as a unit.

No real message, no real point.


New Music!

New EP “LoveInSummer” by yours truly.

I’m talking about my husband and a bit about my son on the last song (really just a tiny tiny intro about my son).

Anyways, peep it and shoot us an email with your feedback:



"Great brands are nothing more than streams of connected promises that always deliver. It’s critical that these ‘promises’ be truthful. Talk can be romantic, but talk alone is cheap. It’s easy to get wound up in the art of creating the slick veneer of ‘brand speak’, but great brands aren’t built on snappy copy or slick graphic design. They’re established through the relentless repetition of promising something and then delivering on what they promised, often beyond expectations.” #Learning #BuildingMyBrand #GottaRightSomeWrongs"
- Marc Ecko, “Unlabel”

Write Up

Man, my writing life has been going on inside my head but I have yet to type it up for your convenience.

My bad tho.

In the meantime, my next musical offering is almost done and I’m excited about it.

Every song is about my husband and I and one song is about my son. So I’m giving it all I got and I wanna share that passion and vision.

Sneak peaks coming soon!

Is That Your Baby?

We saw this older gentleman walking down the street today, mind you-the HOT street with one of those baby carriers on. You ever heard of a Bjorn? Yea one of those. But was it lifted up on his chest? No. It was oddly hanging pretty low where the baby’s head was near the mans waist. We caught a glimpse as we drove past and noticed how the little boys legs bounced as if he were a rag doll.

Just typing this makes my heart hurt because I am praying that the boy is ok and was just asleep and not unconscious from the heat or dehydration. It was extremely concerning. So much so that we turned around to drive back to maybe help him get water or adjust the carrier.

Too late. The bus had already come and gone.

But you better believe we prayed the Lords protection over that boy and wisdom for the older man carrying him. We also prayed that the Lord would send someone to help him.

With a son of my own, my heart cringed at the sight. I pray they are ok.

Today I ended up being in a mood of some sort. Very pensive.

Probably in need of icecream and Philadelphia.

Been a While..

It’s been a while since my last update. I owe you guys the finale of “How I Met Your Father”!! I will be getting back into the groove this coming week and finish the last installment. 

In the meantime, I’ve been pretty busy. I thought the business would be a breeze and be easy to get through and back to what I’ve been working on but nope it has been a process. Slower than I thought it would be, but that’s ok too. 

So what have I been up to? 

Well, a little of this and a little of that.

We moved closer to my husbands job and our church community. So all that goes into unpacking and repainting at our old apartment and cleaning and getting settled while raising a 5 month old…OUTRAGEOUS! But doable. 

Being that I’m a slow processor, certain things kind of knock my momentum off so I am just getting it back. There are many things we’d like to do with our new house. But first we have to get into the swing of things and the reality of those things. We have barely been here a whole month as it is. There are people I want to invite over, places I want to hang and things I wanna do. I can’t do them all at once and realize I don’t have the energy for too many in one week. 

That’s fine too.

My projects this month:

Finish the last 3 songs for my EP. Make final decisions for mix/master

minimum 2 videos finished for my crew SundayRec (sundayrec.tumblr.com)


And a couple of fun surprises! 

How I Met Your Father: Part 3

The whole purpose of going to the pizza spot was to talk about missions work with folks who have gone all over the world. 

But I do not want to talk about missions. I just met this guy. I need to talk to a woman and currently I’m the only girl here. YIKES. Lord, I need you to send somebody my way right now because I am not talking to these guys about ANY GUY! They are so into this conversation, I have nothing to add…oh look, Melissa is calling Robs phone. BINGO!! Rob looks at me and says “Mo, Melissa wants to speak to you.” WHAT??!!! “Melissa! Remember the thing I showed you last night and what I told you?! You need to come up here right now. Hurry!!” She is on her way. This is wild. I’m going to go outside and scream.

I’m outside trying to gather my life together and here comes Jennay casually walking across the street. This can’t get any better. “JENNAY! OH MY GOSH COME HERE AND LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS GUY I JUST MET!!!” She was looking at me like I was crazy. “Mo, since when were you hype about a guy? This is weird. Ok I’m listening.” So I go on and on and tell her the story. She was so great to stand there listening to me give her a play by play. Then I ended the conversation with “Yea so, I think he’s ‘him’. I’m gonna pray that we can get married.” She looked at me with a smile on her face. Not a condescending one but an amused smile and said, “Oh wow. Well ok then.” 

Melissa finally arrives and mid conversation, one that I was trying to focus on but couldn’t because I was so fidgety, I run over to her and tell her the whole story. She is excited for me but like a good friend she warns me not to get to excited because she doesn’t want to see me disappointed. I took heed, but I knew something was happening here. 

We went back to her apartment and met up with the rest of our homegirls. Being the private person I am, I didn’t spill the beans to the other girls. I called one of the older women who were mentoring me and told them the whole story. Then I asked, “Can we pray for husbands?” She told me we could, but not after making sure I was maintaining some boundaries and not being too crazy. After that moment, I went home to talk to yet another mentor of mine and she asked me if I knew him. I told her I didn’t yet but if we got to know each other and he was the bomb and it was a good thing, I think we should get married! LOL It was such a bold statement but I felt like it was right. She gave her blessing for me to start praying and then it got scary and it became real. So I prayed…

"Lord. This is scary and I’ve never done this before. But, can Eric and I be friends and then if it’s a good idea, get married and have kids? I’m going to pray for his walk with Christ and for my own heart that I would keep it close to me and not give it away too soon. This is weird but ok. Amen." 

From there, I prayed every single day and night for Eric. I told my friends to pray, I told new friends to pray. I told strangers to pray. There were literally 100s of people praying for him. 6. Months. Straight. I have no idea how I did it. I even started kinda liking another guy a little bit but something inside me told me to keep praying about Eric.

I showed my really good friends pictures of him on Facebook (haha) and I know some of them were rooting for me and some of them were rooting for me but also didn’t want me to get hurt or even felt like it was impossible for this to work out. I knew all these things, I really did but…something was happening. I just knew it was. I had doubts, I had fear about it. But I held him with an open hand. If God chose to take him, cool. If God allowed us to be together, great! 

In those 6 months, I saw Eric often when I went home to visit my family. Usually not on purpose. We had a lot of mutual friends and would end up in the same places. There was even a time when he came to Philly to visit a school with his sister and he called me to ask if I wanted to get cheesesteaks. Of course I freaked out and invited three of my friends to come because I was scared. It was a lot of fun and I grew to like him even more. 

This whole time I thought he was just a nice Christian boy. He didn’t like me, he probably liked one of those glammy cute girls from his church or something. Or he probably was one of those guys who is focused on work and being serious. LOL. He was just being a nice guy, right?

Oh boy was I in for a RUDE AWAKENING that took me on a trail of tears and eventually a final showdown…

Stay tuned for the finale.

On The Way…

My laptop has passed out. I am in the process of getting it looked at and then will decide to get another one or go with an ipad2. We will see! Thank Jesus for hearing my begging cries for him to spare my hard drive. The one time i decide to type up song lyrics, my computer does this.

Oh but I’ve learned the power of pen and paper!

Part 3 of How I Met Your Father is coming very soon so be on the lookout. I can’t wait to tell you the rest of the story of how I met my husband. 

I was thinking about all that I’ve learned in the past year with recording the free Ten Commandments album. I learned a few things. 

1. If you want to do it, figure out what you need to do and do it.

2. Start small but do your best. Big doesn’t=great. Do your research. Find your niche, work it.

3. Give people a chance, especially if they have something to say.

4. People will donate money and time if they believe in your vision and you have something worth investing in.

5. There is never ever ever enough prayer to be prayed. Keep praying.

6. Just go do it.

7. In the midst of the process, every mistake is a lesson. Learn it and do better the next time. If you can learn how to do something, learn it, practice it, and make it dope.

8. I’m looking forward to this next time.

9. Do it because you love it. Not for anyone else’s applause or approval. 

In the meantime, my crew Sunday Recreation, we have just received our prototype tshirts and sweatshirts. Excited! 


Coming this summer are: 

Tshirts +fun

New Music

New Videos/Interviews

We are starting small. Slow and steady we want to unfold why we are here and what we are doing.

Tribe with Us.