How I Met Your Father: Part 3

The whole purpose of going to the pizza spot was to talk about missions work with folks who have gone all over the world. 

But I do not want to talk about missions. I just met this guy. I need to talk to a woman and currently I’m the only girl here. YIKES. Lord, I need you to send somebody my way right now because I am not talking to these guys about ANY GUY! They are so into this conversation, I have nothing to add…oh look, Melissa is calling Robs phone. BINGO!! Rob looks at me and says “Mo, Melissa wants to speak to you.” WHAT??!!! “Melissa! Remember the thing I showed you last night and what I told you?! You need to come up here right now. Hurry!!” She is on her way. This is wild. I’m going to go outside and scream.

I’m outside trying to gather my life together and here comes Jennay casually walking across the street. This can’t get any better. “JENNAY! OH MY GOSH COME HERE AND LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS GUY I JUST MET!!!” She was looking at me like I was crazy. “Mo, since when were you hype about a guy? This is weird. Ok I’m listening.” So I go on and on and tell her the story. She was so great to stand there listening to me give her a play by play. Then I ended the conversation with “Yea so, I think he’s ‘him’. I’m gonna pray that we can get married.” She looked at me with a smile on her face. Not a condescending one but an amused smile and said, “Oh wow. Well ok then.” 

Melissa finally arrives and mid conversation, one that I was trying to focus on but couldn’t because I was so fidgety, I run over to her and tell her the whole story. She is excited for me but like a good friend she warns me not to get to excited because she doesn’t want to see me disappointed. I took heed, but I knew something was happening here. 

We went back to her apartment and met up with the rest of our homegirls. Being the private person I am, I didn’t spill the beans to the other girls. I called one of the older women who were mentoring me and told them the whole story. Then I asked, “Can we pray for husbands?” She told me we could, but not after making sure I was maintaining some boundaries and not being too crazy. After that moment, I went home to talk to yet another mentor of mine and she asked me if I knew him. I told her I didn’t yet but if we got to know each other and he was the bomb and it was a good thing, I think we should get married! LOL It was such a bold statement but I felt like it was right. She gave her blessing for me to start praying and then it got scary and it became real. So I prayed…

"Lord. This is scary and I’ve never done this before. But, can Eric and I be friends and then if it’s a good idea, get married and have kids? I’m going to pray for his walk with Christ and for my own heart that I would keep it close to me and not give it away too soon. This is weird but ok. Amen." 

From there, I prayed every single day and night for Eric. I told my friends to pray, I told new friends to pray. I told strangers to pray. There were literally 100s of people praying for him. 6. Months. Straight. I have no idea how I did it. I even started kinda liking another guy a little bit but something inside me told me to keep praying about Eric.

I showed my really good friends pictures of him on Facebook (haha) and I know some of them were rooting for me and some of them were rooting for me but also didn’t want me to get hurt or even felt like it was impossible for this to work out. I knew all these things, I really did but…something was happening. I just knew it was. I had doubts, I had fear about it. But I held him with an open hand. If God chose to take him, cool. If God allowed us to be together, great! 

In those 6 months, I saw Eric often when I went home to visit my family. Usually not on purpose. We had a lot of mutual friends and would end up in the same places. There was even a time when he came to Philly to visit a school with his sister and he called me to ask if I wanted to get cheesesteaks. Of course I freaked out and invited three of my friends to come because I was scared. It was a lot of fun and I grew to like him even more. 

This whole time I thought he was just a nice Christian boy. He didn’t like me, he probably liked one of those glammy cute girls from his church or something. Or he probably was one of those guys who is focused on work and being serious. LOL. He was just being a nice guy, right?

Oh boy was I in for a RUDE AWAKENING that took me on a trail of tears and eventually a final showdown…

Stay tuned for the finale.

On The Way…

My laptop has passed out. I am in the process of getting it looked at and then will decide to get another one or go with an ipad2. We will see! Thank Jesus for hearing my begging cries for him to spare my hard drive. The one time i decide to type up song lyrics, my computer does this.

Oh but I’ve learned the power of pen and paper!

Part 3 of How I Met Your Father is coming very soon so be on the lookout. I can’t wait to tell you the rest of the story of how I met my husband. 

I was thinking about all that I’ve learned in the past year with recording the free Ten Commandments album. I learned a few things. 

1. If you want to do it, figure out what you need to do and do it.

2. Start small but do your best. Big doesn’t=great. Do your research. Find your niche, work it.

3. Give people a chance, especially if they have something to say.

4. People will donate money and time if they believe in your vision and you have something worth investing in.

5. There is never ever ever enough prayer to be prayed. Keep praying.

6. Just go do it.

7. In the midst of the process, every mistake is a lesson. Learn it and do better the next time. If you can learn how to do something, learn it, practice it, and make it dope.

8. I’m looking forward to this next time.

9. Do it because you love it. Not for anyone else’s applause or approval. 

In the meantime, my crew Sunday Recreation, we have just received our prototype tshirts and sweatshirts. Excited! 


Coming this summer are: 

Tshirts +fun

New Music

New Videos/Interviews

We are starting small. Slow and steady we want to unfold why we are here and what we are doing.

Tribe with Us.

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How I Met Your Father: True Story Part 2

ahhh…Sunday morning. That concert was so wonderful. OH! That guy I saw. He was beautiful. I definitely found moments to sneak glances at him last night at Philly Flavs (water ice joint). Why am I even thinking about him? I don’t even know him and he probably has a whole life already. Time to get ready for church. 

Wow, it’s packed in here! Probably because of the concert last night. Wait. Is that…yes. He is here. Oh my Lord in heaven!! I can’t see him! I need to hide. Wait, no not hide. I need to sit somewhere where I won’t see him and won’t watch him the whole service. Yea that’s it. I’m going to wait until he gets seated. Then I’m going to stay in the lobby for a little while. Why is my heart beating so fast? This has never happened in my whole life. What the heck?! I need a beverage. 

Church is over. Ok. I’ll go hang out on the balcony where no one can see me. Then by the time he is gone, I’ll be free and clear and won’t have to meet him. 

Yea Jesus, I know I told you that if I saw him again I’d say hello, but I didn’t expect it to be this fast. Like seriously? Can a sister get a couple minutes? I’m being a wimp. Looks like the coast is clear so I can make my way out to the lobby.

Oh look, it’s Mark. I’m supposed to be riding with him to the pizza spot to swap stories about missions work. “Hey Mark…” Oop. Really Jesus?! There he is. The mystery man. Talking to Mark. He is so attractive. He’s brown. He’s tall. Great smile. Lord Jesus. I’ve walked too far to run now because Mark is introducing me. Shoot. Now I have to be hospitable. Fine. 

So I introduce myself and try not to drool everywhere. He smiles. I pass out. He asks me if I’m from DC because of my t-shirt. I tell him yes and I can tell he’s from Maryland because I can tell (there is a way of telling). We start a conversation. He’s so funny. I can’t take this. Who is he? Why is he? Why am I floating? Where the heck are my girlfriends so I can scream and tell them everything? My friends have now walked away and left us talking in the lobby. He laughs loud. We are talking about music, and jimbays, and keyboards. 12 minutes have passed. Am I talking too much? Actually, he is carrying the conversation. Am I cute today? Dag, probably not. He’s probably just a nice Christian boy. I hope not. We need to get married. I hope he’s not a jerk. Well he has to leave now and I say goodbye. Then he comes back to ask me my name. “My name is Monielle.” He proceeds to write it in his phone for Facebook and he spells it correctly. “Oh, you spelled it right. Usually people get it wrong. Good job!” He smiles. I faint. He says, “Oh yea, I was a spelling bee champ in middle school.”  What!!!???? AND he’s kinda a dork? Oh this can definitely work out. We need to get married. I can’t tell him that tho. Who the heck can I tell?! 

So then he leaves. My cell phone is off. I have to ride ALLLLL the way to the pizza spot with Mark and Johnathan  and I can’t tell them I just met the most beautiful man of the universe ever in life. They wouldn’t understand. Crap. Who will I tell? I’ll tell Jesus. And then I prayed, “Lord. You gotta be kidding me! I need someone, anyone! I need a woman to come out of nowhere so I can tell her all about this!” …

Stay tuned for part 3…

How I Met Your Father: True Story (Part 1 of Few)

I saw him walk into the church. 

One quick glance and I noticed he was handsome. Wow. Yea, he looks like a nice guy too. Nice jeans…forearms…stand up straight. I like that. 

I wondered if he believed in Jesus. But not just belief, but is he walking with Jesus and has a relationship with Jesus. Oh well, he is probably out of my league (whateva that means). So I go to my seat and let the thought pass.

Well what do you know? He is sitting just below me as I sit on the balcony. I’m not going to watch him the whole concert. Wait. 

Yes I am.

He has his hands up. He is worshipping. He looks serious. Wait. We need to be friends and then get married. Provided he’s not crazy and doesn’t have a girlfriend already.

Wait. Since when did I feel like this ever? This is a little intense for me. Oh well here goes nothing.

"God, so usually I don’t pray for guys. But, I feel like this is the ‘him’ I’ve been writing about in my journal. Can we be friends and if that works out, can we get married and have kids? I’m cool if You don’t want that but um…it would be pretty dope if you did. First I have to make sure he’s not a jerk. If he is, I’m good. Amen."

Yep. I prayed for this guy. Now the concert is over, I can’t run into him because I might freeze up and stutter. Awkward. I’ll just go into the bathroom and hide out.

Ok i’m sure he is gone. Now we can go get water ice. Wait. There he is sitting at the table eating water ice. Shoot. 

"Ummm God is this a joke? How did he get here? I’m supposed to be hiding out. I won’t stare at him though. I should say hi. Naw, I can’t say hi, I’d be crazy. Well how about this…if I see him again, I’ll say hi to him. Deal? Thanks Jesus, Amen." 

to be continued…

He says I’m Beautiful…

My husband thinks I’m gorgeous. He says I’m beautiful. He thinks I’m sexy. He says he adores me. He tells me all the time. There is no lack. I don’t believe he is telling me a lie. He really believes so. 

Even when he tells me, I am sometimes surprised. I am always like, “Really?” He is really sweet. I don’t think of myself in those ways often, I just think of myself as me. I’ve struggled with self consciousness issues most of my life and it wasn’t until late college-post college that I found a strong sense of confidence. But not because I found it, but because I found my identity in Jesus Christ and realized that how I look and what I like would indeed be appreciated by the man God would send to marry me. I am beautiful because the Creator of the universe says I am. That makes it true regardless of who agrees, including my own self. 

So yea, I felt pretty blah when guys I liked weren’t looking for a girl like me. Or women around me suggested that if I would just change this or wear that then maybe guys would be interested more. (Don’t get me wrong, I had suitors! lol). Wear more skirts, wear more dresses, try a little makeup, change your hair, do this, do that. For some girls, that kind of thing is exciting and helpful. For me, it only added to the heap of lies in my mind that who I am didn’t stand up to the standard needed to be married or dated.

Well boy oh boy did Jesus bust that lie UP! 

I met my now husband, when I was wearing khaki cargo shorts, crazy striped socks up to my knee, high top sneakers, a purple “I Love DC” shirt, and wild locs in my hair. I was 100% my authentic self that day if I ever was! 

And to my huge surprise, i found out later, he thought I was amazing. Why was i surprised? Because many people around me made me feel like guys only want a certain style of girl. So of course when I saw Eric I figured he already had a girl or would want one of those types I’d see around me. 

But he wanted me. The athletic, eccentric, borderline hippy, no make up wearing me. I didn’t think he would. God taught me a lesson that day and every day since. A huge one.

I think I ended up telling this story only to get to my point: Since pregnancy, my body image has been tricky.

One day I’ll feel perfectly fine and another day I’m fully aware of how much weight I want to lose. Or how I can’t fit into any of my old jeans. Yes, I know I just had a child and moms gain weight during pregnancy. I know all the right answers and responses to all of my doubts, but it doesn’t change how I feel sometimes. 

Everyday there is a new victory or a new war. I am aware that this is my chapter in life. This is where I am and I wouldn’t change it. I wouldn’t change it because some of the most significant growth in my life has happened in this chapter of my life. When I talk about significant growth, I am talking about what’s important and what’s not. The people in my life, and making sure they know how I feel about them, forgiveness, fighting, running, jumping, writing, being completely honest and authentic. 

There are depths and heights I’ve never known until now. And I embrace them. 

So yea. I’m having tricky thoughts about my body today but tomorrow  is always different. Neither God nor my husband allow me to stay too long in that deceiving place. 

And I am grateful.

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By Invitation Only

What a wonder it is to be invited. Most of us, love the special feeling that comes along with being invited to the reception after the wedding ceremony. 

We love to know that so and so is throwing a get-together or a party and our name is on the list.

We hate the feeling of knowing who’s going and knowing that we weren’t invited.

It sucks. 

Something I was thinking about this morning is the almost indescribable feeling you feel when you’re invited somewhere. You feel loved, included, thought of, and considered. 


On the other hand, there is the feeling you feel when you weren’t invited somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, we can not be invited somewhere and not feel bad about it because of course we won’t be invited everywhere all the time. That’s realistic.

I say all of this to say, invite someone to go with you or hang out with you and your friends if you know they don’t have many. If you know they need a smile,a good trip, need a moment, or need great friends and you have them and want to be one. Invite them. 

We all know how it feels to hear the fun from a distance. Yes we can always ask if we can participate or ask if we can join but…

It’s not the same as an invitation.

Let’s try to be more intentional about invitations and at the same time not feel obligated to invite folks. The tricky part comes in because people have taken the “I’m not obligated to invite you” liberty to new heights where they no longer bother to consider loving the other person. We’ve abandoned the care of others in favor of our “rights” and what we have a “right” to do. Because we are entitled…right? 

Jesus lived different. Jesus invites. Read through any of the gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. 

Jesus invites, so should we. 


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Line in the Sand.

The book (ReWork) asked me where my line in the sand is. 

Our line is the sand is this:

We love Jesus. We make art. We rep women.

Our Lord, Our work, Our stories. 

Line drawn.

(click the name below the logo on our page to see our blog!)


Where is Whole Foods’ line in the sand?

Only real food, organic, natural, fresh. 

So nah, they don’t sell snicker bars and strange sodas. 

Line drawn.


Where is Chipotles line in the sand?

Fresh food. Legit/local farmers. Great taste.

So nah, they don’t do frozen peas. 

Line drawn. 


Where is Lorenzos on South Street’s line in the sand?

Cheese or pepperoni only homie.

So nah, they don’t do chicken & spinach slices.

Line drawn.


Where is your line? 

Build-Your-Own-Burrito Syndrome

I live in a part of Maryland where most of the things around me are linked to the business world. The business world has its beneficial points like being on time, networking, attention to detail and service quality etc etc. There’s also that little number where the customer is always right. 


Something I’ve noticed in the church amongst leaders and congregations is that we have taken on many of the practices of the business culture. One of them in particular I find really needs some boundaries. 

Rate my Service. Customer satisfaction. How’s my driving? You know the terms, and you’ve participated in the forums and filled out the cards with the little circles and scales from 1-10. And I get it, the customer has a voice and the business wants to know how they’ve done. Cool.

What I’ve seen is people who don’t know the difference between feedback, encouragement and entitlement. In a perfect situation, feedback and encouragement work together to produce a nice concoction of things I can do better, tweak or change. They tell me ways I have done well and ideas I should continue to express and flesh out. But we all know it doesn’t always work out that way. And that’s life.

The entitlement issue however, we must do better.

What do I mean? 

Well you know how you go to a restaurant and expect your fries to be fresh and good because you’re paying for them to be? If they miss the mark, you send them back. If they totally MISS the mark and so does your server, you call the manager in to fix the situation or you’re taking your money elsewhere? See, there is an expectation for your service to be what you want because you are paying in time and money to be there. You are expecting to “have it your way” like Burger King told you that you should.

My point: Don’t bring that mess in the church. Keep that somewhere else. 

If we don’t like the music, if we don’t like the preaching and teaching, if we don’t like the chords on the guitar, if we don’t like this, if we don’t like that…by all means, express your concerns. 

As my brother Rob would say, “However tho…” don’t think you’re entitled to have your preferences heard and then carried out immediately because you’re a good paying member of the church house. Um, that is not why we are here sir and ma’am. Sure, express what you’d like to see or hear. Express concerns and things you think could be clarified better. But please don’t voice your concerns and opinions to the people who are in leadership as if they MUST do what you are suggesting because your way is thee way. (unless it’s a matter of doctrine or something clearly unbiblical that needs immediate attention. At least in this instance, it is the Bible that is thee way.)

Here’s why.

1. It’s just not cool man. It’s a little self-centered and rude.

2. Let’s remember love and grace for folks. That means chill out, and don’t be a bully. Express your thoughts, but remember you’re talking to someone who has been planning and practicing and prayerfully considering what can bless and be good for the congregation. These men and women are human and also apart of the church.

2b. Love hopes the best (as in, don’t assume the worst first about folk). The Bible had that to say. 

3. For you to go up there and “let them know” what they aren’t doing right, or challenge them or whatever you have in your mind…do you really need to? Ask yourself that question first and give yourself the courtesy of an honest answer. If you still think you need to go say something, do it with respect and kindness. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t operate out of wanting it your way aka how you prefer it to be, not how it needs to be. 

4. Leaders are not tap dancers or a theater troope for your entertainment. Don’t treat them like they are. I know the culture around us is coated in the corporate-cloak-of-wonder but these are people, not machines, deadlines, and jukeboxes. 

4b. Leading is hard work. At least it should be. Remember that. Have some understanding. 

5. This ain’t Burger King nor is it an invitation to build your own burrito (haha). And even if it was, I would think you’d treat the staff with respect regardless of how you want your burger’rrito.

So basically, express your thoughts but check your heart first. The church is for us to gather as believers and followers of Jesus Christ. We unite together to worship together and fellowship with one another. To walk with one another. To be on a mission with one another to take the gospel to the world around us and beyond. Yes, there are ways to tweak and challenge how we do things at our churches. But we should see those things through the lens of God’s grace, mercy, and love. And our hearts should go forward in patience, love, and humility. Not with a position of pride and entitlement. No one owes you anything. Our goal should be to see Jesus Christ exalted and his love seen in our actions, words, and lives.

Everything else is just along for the ride. 

Have you had people come to you with concerns or encouragement about an area of ministry at your church? Were you motivated to grow and find solutions or simply discouraged/frustrated? 

always classic. 

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